The potential for your child to be the best they can be


Our Kindergarten provides a wide range of opportunities and experiences to encourage our youngest children to develop their natural curiosity and thinking skills. In this way they will develop the foundations upon which they will continue to build throughout their school career and beyond.

Learning at home

Although an option, Liwa International School recognizes ‘learning from home’ as a trend and a preference amongst most parents and communities.

Since we believe in our strong ties with students and families, we therefore, look for opportunities where we can train parents to educate their children.

Parents play a big role in influencing a child’s behavior, attitude and towards learning. As a result, Liwa extends its hands and supports concerned parties to be a part of the education process.

  • Parent Orientation Meetings: A formal induction to discuss your child’s personal, social and learning needs.
  • Topic Guidance: Every week we guide parents by publishing a home learning schedule so that they can help their child at home and keep track of the syllabus.
  • Parents Meetings: Held twice a year, the meetings are an opportunity for parents to discuss their child’s progress.
  • Termly Reports: A summary of your child’s achievements throughout the year in terms of academic, social and behavioral development.
  • Parent Workshops: A number of parent workshops held throughout the year to help parents with curriculum such as reading and math.

KG Curriculum Presentation