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In Elementary - from grades 1-5- children study the full range of subjects with an emphasis on innovation, STEAM, practical application and active learning.  They are encouraged to discuss their learning and think critically. We have specialist Art, Science, DT and ICT rooms, and children from grade 2 have a weekly lesson in these. All subjects are taught thematically and with an emphasis on cross curricular links. (See the Curriculum section)

We have parent workshops so our parents understand the learning and how to help their children at home, as well as home school projects and competitions to involve the whole family. (See the Community Section)

Children use the library each week for a lesson. We have a great emphasis on reading, and have fully embraced the National Year of Reading, both in the general curriculum and with events, such as the World Book day, Book making competitions,  DEAR days, and celebrations of the super star scholastic readers, as well as many more... (see more on the Reading tab. )

We have a House system, which is at the center of our rewards system. Children are awarded house points as rewards and for various competitions and keeping their playground free of rubbish etc. This encourages all children to be part of our community and fosters a healthy sense of competition. The winning house gains a reward activity each term. 

We fully support the National Agendas set by ADEK, and have fully integrated the 'My Identity ' and SCF agendas into our school life. 

For more information please explore the tabs on our site, and if you have questions feel free to come in to see us. 

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