The potential for your child to be the best they can be

High School

Our aim is to develop well balanced students with the content knowledge and 21st century skills for success in their post-school lives. Lessons are delivered by subject specialists who are led by school leaders with global experience. Our curriculum is aligned to the Californian Common Core Standards and include the core subjects of Math, Science, English, Social Studies, IT, Art, French and  PE. High School students can take Electives such as D&T, Media, Art and French. Arabic, Islamic Studies and Arabic Civics follow MOE guidelines. Our curriculum exploits opportunities to develop our students' understanding of Emirati national identity, the Student Competence Framework and innovative skills and practice.

Individual learning is supported by meeting the needs of all students, providing comprehensive feedback for students to act on, and the delivery of best teaching practice.

A weekly PACE session supports students' personal development with topics covering Study Skills, Emotional Intelligence, Universities, Healthy & Safe Lifestyles, Careers, Innovation/Leadership and the Environment. 

The school has a specialist & highly committed team which supports students with numerous award winning projects in innovative and community based competitions and initiatives.

Through our popular House System, all students participate in our extensive extra-curricular programme, with clubs including: Sports, Zumba, Cooking, Drama, Art, UN, Fashion, Journalism, Chess, Reading Buddies and Quran Studies.House Captains take on leadership responsibilities and make decisions about how to develop the House system further.

High School students are supported with their post-school development through our comprehensive university guidance programme. Support includes: one-to-one guidance tutorials with Grade Leaders and Head Teachers; PACE lessons; university guidance packs; online resources; Liwa's annual University Fair; and scholarship guidance for students.