Liwa International School Events & Activities 2017/18

Events and Activities

  • 13.Sep.2017 At the beginning of the new academic year, Dr. Shereen Gobran welcomed the all LIS members ,students and parents.
  • 14.Sep.2017 To spread happiness among children, a group of students of national identity team welcomed our KG children by distributing gifts and by carrying out joyful activities.
  • 14.Sep.2017 On the occasion of the new school year, the Arabic language teachers have been a and guided by a beloved emirati cartoon characters.. talking with the children of the UAE and encouraging children to love school, education and home love.
  • 14.Oct.2017 The junior building has allocated 30 minutes for reading to encourage students and fostered the love of reading among them.
  • 19.Oct.2017 LIS invited the parents of our student to a lunch gathering with the school principal last Tuesday and Wednesday celebrating our students improvement and attainment in the school.
  • 25.Oct.2017 Students will be able to gain understanding of different family structures and the diversity found within families.
  • 14.Nov.2017 As part of Jobs Day, KG2 Mango had a tour in the school asked some employees about their jobs and what do they do.
  • 15.Nov.2017 Dear parents.You are cordially invited to visit the Universities Fair at Liwa School tomorrow Wednesday from 1:00 to 2:30.
  • 20.Nov.2017 Dr shereen gobran, lis principal, celebrated the girls with consistent good behavior.