Fully committed to raising the profile of reading


At Liwa School we are fully committed to raising the profile of reading for enjoyment and influencing the children to become active readers with high levels of comprehension.

Reading for understanding is an integral part of every lesson. We undertake whole text reading, word level work related to reading (being a reading detective), and look at sentence structure for effect as well as comprehension skills.


How often do we read?

  • We have both an Arabic and English libraries, children have a scheduled lesson in each library for reading activities and to undertake guided reading sessions. Children can borrow any book from the library to share with parents at home. 
  • This is where the teacher or assistant works with a group to read a passage and further develop  comprehension skills whilst other groups work independently on reading related activities.
  • Two Home room time sessions are dedicate to reading activities per week- these are in the homeroom classes, and include opportunities to read silently, use scholastic, do book reviews, visit and borrow from the library, have the class book read to them, and all other reading activities as per the teacher’s ideas. .
  • Reading sessions in English lessons: Reading is a vital part of our English lesson planning. Children in grades 3, 4 and 5, all undertake termly book studies, where they look in detail at a particular book or story. This is in addition to the shorter stories studied in the Pearson books.
  • Regular comprehension, vocabulary, grammar, and writing activities follow from the reading either in the book study or from the Pearson stories.
  • Books are assigned on scholastic by the class teacher for each child at their lexile level. Children should try to read for at least 10 minutes every day at home, please refer to our Parent Guide for reading for more top tips on how to help at home.


To help highlight the benefits and enjoyment of reading, in addition to our lessons and on line reading program, we are holding weekly events.


The first one was the DEAR Day, which will now be a regular thing in school as it was such a success.

Children all brought in books from home of their choice and during the day a bell signaled that it was DEAR time, so they had to DROP EVERYTHING AND READ!!!!!

We also celebrate World book day, when parents, older children and other guests are invited in to read with the children, and timetabled sessions for each class to be read to by a guest are carefully planned.

Character days are also held from their reading book studies throughout the year. We had some excellent Charlie and the Chocolate factory characters this term! ( See the gallery for these!)

We also encourage our children to become authors of their own books, with book writing competitions and other activities.

Please watch this space for more reading news and idea, and see the parent leaflet for top tips on how to help your child with reading at home. Happy Reading!!


Events and Reading Activities