Christine Lillian Reid

Assistant Vice Principal (E-Learning)

Ms. Christine Reid is Assistant Vice Principle for E-Learning at Liwa International School. She started teaching in 2011 after completing a Graduate Teaching Program in the UK. Since she graduated she taught for 4 years in South London before joining Liwa in September 2016.

Ms. Christine asserts that joining Liwa School was one of the best decisions she has ever made as she has gained the experience of working with a wide and diverse range of colleagues and students over the years and she has fully embraced the life of the LIWA family.

Ms. Christine is looking forward to her new role as the Assistant Vice Principle for E-Learning, alongside her role as the grade leader for grades 6-8 boys. She is dedicated to supporting her colleagues and students in realizing the 2020 vision of technology and ensuring that all students receive an enriched education here at Liwa International School.