Amjad Al Halabi

Head of Department - Math

Mr. Amjad Alhalabi is the Head of Mathematics Department at Liwa International School. As a new member of the Liwa family, he is looking forward to working with all staff members at Liwa School to offer students a high quality of education and graduate future leaders equipped with enlightened human values.

Mr. Amjad has taught Mathematics in Al Ain private schools for 11 years, and has been Head of Mathematics Department for the last six years. Before joining LIS, Mr. Amjad had been the SAT-Math tutor and coordinator for over 3 years. 

Before starting his career in United Arab Emirates, Mr. Amjad graduated from Damascus University / Faculty of Sciences. He has a bachelor’s degree specialization in Mathematics and Informatics. He is currently working to earn his Diploma and Master degree in Mathematics. Mr. Amjad has a passion for Mathematics and teaching critical thinking and problem solving skills. He believes that teaching is a rewarding experience, and he strives to support his students in understanding Mathematics and applying it in their daily lives as it gives them significant opportunities to achieve success in their pursuit of being 21st century learners.