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Course Outline

The following Course Outlines provide an overview of the course, they define the course aims and learning outcomes, course requirements, course expectations, resources, and assessment criteria.



Middle School Course Outline

Middle school education serves as the bridge between elementary school and high school education. It is very natural for students to realize their strengths and become aware of where their interests lie during this phase, which then helps shape the course of their future education. Very often, middle school forms the crux of a child’s learning inclinations as well as their chance to explore opportunities in spheres other than academics.

High School Course Outline

The high school curriculum is built to meet the needs and capabilities of every high school student and all our high school programs help the student to find their own path to success. Liwa International School provides a wide range of high school Programs which serve as a solid foundation for college and career. Our high school core curriculum covers all the core subjects including IT, Chemistry, English, Mathematics, Science, and Arts.