Inside each of our Students is a leader.



At Liwa International School Falaj Hazza, We offer the Liwa Education curriculum that is aligned to the California Common Core State Standards, along with the MOE regulations and expectations set by ADEK.

Our Liwa Education Curriculum with its core and subject competencies is designed to be engaging and overarching framework that utilizes a plethora of cross curricular links to deepen learning and promote Excellence, Enjoyment, Innovation and Critical Thinking.

Each grade team ensures that the Standards are taught within the grade, and that the full breadth and balance are explored.

In the Elementary school, strong emphasis is placed on reading and language immersion, with a clear plan to address the issues of our pupils who have English as a second language.

Our Senior and Middle leaders as well as teachers work hand in hand with Liwa Education Curriculum Director and Liwa Education Subject Leaders to ensure instrumental application of the curriculum to facilitate our strategic developments in line with the needs of the pupils and the school, as well as ensuring that the progression from KG to Grade 12 is closely monitored and that all children are well prepared for the next stage in their education at each transition point.

We offer workshops throughout the year for parents to involve and inform them in regard to our curriculum and the way their children learn and work in the school.

For our curriculum policy, please click here.


Our Kindergarten provides a wide range of opportunities and authentic experiences to encourage our youngest children to develop their natural curiosity and thinking skills. In this way they will develop the foundations upon which they will continue to build their learning, social, and academic skills throughout their school career and beyond.

Learning at home

Although an option, LISF recognizes ‘learning from home’ as a trend and a preference amongst most parents and communities.

Since we believe in our strong ties with students and families, we ,therefore, look for opportunities where we can train parents to educate their children.

Parents play a paramount role in influencing a child’s behavior, attitude and approach towards learning. As a result, LISF extends its hands and supports concerned parties to be a part of the education process through the following channels of communication:

  • Parent Orientation Meetings: A formal induction to discuss your child’s personal, social and learning needs.
  • Topic Guidance: Every week we guide parents by publishing a home learning schedule so that they can help their child at home and keep track of the syllabus.
  • Parents Meetings: Held twice a year, the meetings are an opportunity for parents to discuss their child’s progress.
  • Termly Reports: A summary of your child’s achievements throughout the year in terms of academic, social and behavioral development.
  • Parent Workshops: A number of parent workshops held throughout the year to help parents with curriculum such as reading and math.


In Elementary – from Grades 1-4, children study the full range of subjects with an emphasis on innovation, STEAM, practical application and active learning. They are encouraged to discuss their learning and think critically. We have specialist Art and Science rooms, and children from Grade 2 have a weekly lesson in these. All subjects are taught thematically and with an emphasis on cross- curricular links.

We are embracing technology integration. All students in these grades have been issued a Chromebook. This enables them to use ICT across the curriculum and gain access to applications to support their learning. From Arabic through to Science, students are now exploring learning through platforms they would not normally utilize.

We have parent workshops so our parents understand the learning and how to help their children at home, as well as home school projects and competitions to involve the whole family.

Children use the library each week for a lesson. We place highly stress reading, both in the general curriculum and with events, such as the World Book day, Book making competitions, and celebrations of the super star readers through Reading A to Z.

We use Class Dojo as our central behavior management system. Dojo points are issued as rewards, for performance elements linked to our school values. Class Dojo is also used as a means of communicating with our parents. Newsletters and messages are posted directly to communicate homework, projects, special events and individual class needs.

We fully support national agendas set by ADEK, and have fully integrated the ‘My Identity ‘and Liwa Education Core Competencies into our school life.

Secondary School

Our aim is to develop well rounded students that are equipped with the content knowledge and 21st century skills to achieve success in their post-school journeys. Lessons are delivered by subject specialists who are guided and assisted by our school middle and senior leadership teams as well as Liwa Education academic leads.

Our Liwa Education curriculum is aligned to the California Common Core Standards and includes the core and subject competencies of Math, Science, English, Social Studies, IT, Art and PE. High School students can take such as Computer Science, Media, Art, Health and Wellness and Business. MoE subjects which are the Arabic, Islamic Studies and Arabic Civics follow the MOE guidelines and standards. Our curriculum explores opportunities to develop and solidify our students’ understanding of the Emirati national identity, Liwa Education Core and subject Competencies, and innovative skills and practice.

Individual learning is supported by meeting the needs of all students, providing comprehensive feedback for students to act on and the delivery of best teaching practice.

A weekly PACE session supports students’ personal development with topics covering Study Skills, Emotional Intelligence, Universities, Healthy & Safe Lifestyles, Careers, Innovation/Leadership and the Environment.

The school has a specialized & highly committed team which supports students with numerous award winning projects in innovative and community based competitions and initiatives. Our advisory program provides a constructive opportunity for students’ academic progress follow-up, guidance, and career counseling. It provides a context that nurtures the sense of responsibility and compassion among our students.