For Parents

A warm welcome to all LISF parents, both current and prospective.

Our vision to become an international education leader stems from the fact that we treat every section of society as our very own family members.

For staff members, we have a separate council; for students, the student council, and likewise, for parents, we have created committees that guide, mentor and hear out their opinions in matters of their child’s interest.


Parent Advisory Committee

Defined as the ‘Parent Voice’, the Parent Advisory Committee aims to resolve matters concerning the interests and well-being of our children.The PAC includes volunteer parents and changes every year.

The aims and objectives of PAC are:

  • To work hand in hand with parents and the community
  • To provide students with an adequate educational environment
  • Curate a safe, robust, modern school environment
  • Pay heed to individual student’s educational, moral, social, and social conduct needs
  • Offer the most advanced programs alongside proper staff professional development
  • Ensure sound implementation of programs
  • Coordinate with parents to develop specialized tasks aimed at improving the students’ experience at school

Parent’s Meeting

  • Held twice a year, the Parent’s Meeting is a formal meeting that gives parents an opportunity to meet with teachers.
  • The meeting is conducted individually, where issues are discussed, resolved and implemented. Teachers walk parents through their child’s achievements, potential and behavior. Likewise, parents are requested to put forward any inconvenience faced by them or their children.
  • Parents are requested to contact the school receptionist to book an appointment.

Parent Portal


Parents use the PowerSchool Student and Parent Portals to view grades, attendance information, graduation progress, school bulletins, fee balances, and more. Using the PowerSchool Parent Portal, parents can access real-time information about their students’ progress. For support, please contact IT Support at

Log In to PowerSchool Students and Parent Portal.

Class Dojo

To ensure that the school community stays connected, inside and outside the classroom, the leadership team and teachers use Class Dojo to keep parents updated on student progress and classroom and school happenings. Through Class Dojo, parents can see the class story and school story, feedback, and their child’s portfolio of activities.

Class Dojo can be accessed at and through the Class Dojo App, which can be found on both Apple App Store and Google Play. For support, please contact IT Support at

How to communicate

Dear Parents

For further inquiries please contact the respective person in charge.
Parents are requested to leave their personal contact details so that we can get in touch with them.

Main Building Key Contacts
Department / Name Name Extension Email
Reception 1 Ms. Alaa Al Asaad 100
Reception 2 Ms. Khadija Almeqbaalli 101
School Principal Mr. John Harris 102
Acting School Principal Mr. Neil Murphey 102
Principal PA/Exam Control Ms. Hala Makki 104
VP High School Ms. Sana Tabet 105
VP Middle School Ms. Penni Jones 106
Vice Principal - Director of Educational Technology - Liwa Education Ms. Sandra Tichagwa 107
Head of Administration Mrs. Rima Daouk 108
Activities Coordinator Ms. Aya Alghoul 109
Acting Director of Finance/Accounting Manager Ms. Laila El Meri 110
Senior Accountant Ms. Nihal Aly 111
Accountant Ms. Amelita Aquino 112
Registrar Ms. Anooar Saleh Chaker 113
HR Department Ms. Mariam Al Shami 147
Clinic 1 (Girls) Dr. Eglal Sayed Galal 115
Clinic 2 (Boys) Mr. Mark Bisda 116
OSH/ Bus Coordinator Mr. Mohammed El Sayed 117
Social Worker Girls (Gr 5-12) Ms. Eiman Elyass 124
SEN/ Social Worker Boys (Gr. 9-12) Ms. Deserie Rajeev 126
Dean of Students Mr. Mohammed Al Kindi 127 
Parent Liaison Ms. Hayaa Al Saadi 176 

For general inquiries please contact 03 7800444

Elementary Building Key Contacts
Department / Name Name Extension Email
Reception 1 Ms. Heba Al Nemer 200
Reception 2 Ms. Heba Al Nemer 201
AVP- Elementary (KG) Ms. Amal Abou Ghaida  203
Assistant vice Principal of Elementary Ms.Nisreen Aly 204
VP – Elementary (KG-Gr4) Ms. Melanie Haddy 202
Secretary of KG & Elementary Ms. Razan AlNamer 205
SEN Coordinator Ms. Maha Bakr 206
Social Worker (KG1,Gr.1 and Gr.3) Ms. Shamma ALShamsi 207
Social Worker (KG2,Gr.2 and Gr.4 ) Ms. Asma Al Mazroui 208
Activities Coordinator Ms. Rawan Abdulghani 209
Clinic 1 Dr. Asma Aly 215
Clinic 2 Ms Rifaat Jabeen 216

School Uniform

The wearing of school uniforms is compulsory. Uniform is provided by the school and available for purchasing at the start of the academic year. For the cost of uniforms, please contact the accountant. Please refer to our Uniform Policy here:


School Uniform Description:

    • KG1 – Grade 5: Purple T-Shirt (long / short sleeves) + Grey Jacket and Grey Pants / Skirt
    • Grades  6 – 8: White T-Shirt (long / short sleeves) + Grey Jacket and Grey Pants / Skirt
    • Grades  9 – 12: White T-Shirt (long / short sleeves) + black Jacket  and black Pants / Skirt
    • P.E. Uniform: Full Set (3 pieces) for each student
    • School House Uniform: Colored T- shirt and black pants / skirt. The color for each house is as follows:
    • Hili – Green T-shirt, Hafeet – Yellow T-shirt, Maqam – Purple T-shirt, Oasis – Blue T-shirt
Parents' Council

“What a parent does at home has the greatest impact.”

We are committed to working with parents as partners for their child’s education and engaging with them in many ways. We have therefore created a Parents Council as a means by which we can do this. The PCC is defined as the Parents’ Voice in matters concerning the interests and wellbeing of our children.

The council includes volunteer parents and LISF staff. The aims and objectives of the PCC are to support school-level decision-making and encourage the involvement of other parents through school community activities, voluntary work, and parents’ open evenings. LISF is grateful that parents are willing to donate their time and talents in this way.

Parents Council Committee:

  • Fawzia AlKamali
  • Khawla Saif Al Jaberi
  • Hamda Al Dhaheri
  • Huda Abdul Majeed
  • Ruwaida Abu Gbara


LISF provides supervised transportation in air-conditioned buses. It is possible to book for one way transportation only, bearing in mind that the transport fees are fixed (i.e., the same) irrespective of whether the student uses the bus one way or two ways. Charges may be obtained from the school accountant.

Transportation is available within Al Ain only
“Bus coverage areas are determined based on the school’s geographical distribution and the integrated transport center’s instructions”

Transportation fees START from 4037 AED
bus coverage areas are determined based on the school’s geographical distribution and the integrated transport center’s instructions

Download transportation form

Co-curricular calendar

LISF provides a comprehensive range of extra-curricular activities to support authentic, engaging, and interdisciplinary student learning experiences. Clubs are designed to cultivate personal and social curiosity and confidence while promoting life-long health awareness. Specific extra-curricular activities such as sports, games, music, reading, homework, Quran, art & craft, and Arabic are offered school-wide.

School Hours

The information contained in this document is intended to supplement that already found in the school brochure. Should the need arise for clarification on any matters contact the school on Tel. 03-7810044 or Tel. 03-7810444 (Secondary Building) or Tel. 03-7810044 (Elementary Building)

Our school week is Monday to Friday.
Monday to Thursday Friday
Gr. 1 to 12 – Own transport 7:30 AM to 2:45 PM 7:30 AM to 11:30 AM
Gr. 1 to 12 – School bus 7:30 AM  (bus arrival) to 2:30 PM (bus departure) 7:30 AM (bus arrival) to 11:15 AM (bus departure)
KGs – Own transport 7:35 AM  to 1:15 PM 7:35 AM to 11:30 AM
KGs – School bus 7:35 AM (bus arrival) to 1:10 PM (bus departure) except for Al Dhaher bus 7:35 AM (morning assembly) to 11:15 AM (bus departure)

Parents should collect their children on time at the end of the school day. Should you anticipate that for any reason you will be late in collecting your child, you are kindly requested to inform the school administration. Please refer to the school’s communication channels document.

NOTE: The School DOES NOT accept responsibility for children outside of the hours stipulated above. It is entirely the parents’ responsibility to make suitable arrangements to ensure the pickup of their children on time.

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