Key contacts

Dear Parents

For further inquiries please contact the respective person in charge.

Parents are requested to leave their personal contact details so that we can get in touch with them.

Main Building Key Contacts

Department / Name Name Extension Email
Reception 1 Ms. Haya Al Saadi 100 [email protected]
Reception 2 Ms. Khadija Almeqbaalli 101 [email protected]
School Principal Mr. Larry Thaxter   [email protected]
PA/PD Coordinator Ms. Seham Alkhatib 103 [email protected]
PA/Exam Control Ms. Hala Makki 104 [email protected]
Deputy Principal/ VP High School Dr. Khayal Al Allaq   [email protected]
VP Middle School Mr. Darren Jones   [email protected]
VP E-Learning Ms. Sandra Tichagwa   [email protected]
Head of Administration Mrs. Rima Daouk 108 [email protected]
Activities Coordinator Ms. Wajiha Maqsood 109 [email protected]
Chief Accountant Ms. Laila El Meri 110 [email protected]
Accountant Ms. Nihal Aly 111 [email protected]
Accountant Ms. Amelita Aquino 112 [email protected]
Registrar Ms. Reem Abdalgani 113 [email protected]
HR Department Ms. Zainab Khan 114 [email protected]
Clinic 1 (Girls) Dr. Eglal Sayed Galal 115 [email protected]
Clinic 2 (Boys) Mr. Mark Bisda 116 [email protected]
OSH/ Bus Coordinator Mr. Mohammed El Sayed 117 [email protected]
Social Worker Girls
(Gr 5-12)
Ms. Eiman Elyass 124 [email protected]
Social Worker Boys
(Gr 5-8)
Mr. Gaber Mohamed¬† 125 [email protected]
SEN/ Social Worker Boys (Gr. 9-12) Ms. Deserie Rajeev 126 [email protected]
Dean of Students Mr. Mohammed Al Nuaimi 127 [email protected]
Career Counselor Ms Iman Sabeih 128 [email protected]

Elementary Building Key Contacts

Department / Name Name Extension Email
Reception 1 Ms. Heba Al Nemer 200 [email protected]
Reception 2 Ms. Heba Al Nemer 201 [email protected]
AVP- Elementary (KG) Ms. Shaniqua Staples   [email protected]
AVP- Elementary (Gr. 1-4) Ms. Lori Thomas   [email protected]
VP – Elementary (KG-Gr4) Ms. Amy Protano   [email protected]
Secretary of KG & Elementary Ms. Ghada Abu Shairah 205 [email protected]
SEN Coordinator Ms. Sharon Akinyemi 206 [email protected]
Social Worker (KG-Gr.2) Ms. Noura Mubarak Al Ahbabi 207 [email protected]
Social Worker (Gr. 3&4) Ms. Aisha Al Kaabi 208 [email protected]
Activities Coordinator Ms. Rawan Abdulghani 209 [email protected]
Clinic 1 Dr. Asma Aly 215 [email protected]
Clinic 2 Ms Rifaat Jabeen 216 [email protected]

For general inquiries please contact 03 7800444