A warm welcome to all LISF parents, both current and prospective.


Our vision to become an international apostle of knowledge comes from the fact that we treat every section of the society as our very own family member.

For staff members we have a separate council, for students, the student council and likewise, for parents we have created committees that guide, mentor and hear out their opinions in matters of their child’s interest. 

Parent Advisory Committee

Defined as the ‘Parents Voice’, the Parent Advisory Committee aims to resolve matters concerning the interests and wellbeing of our children.

The PAC includes volunteer parents and changes every year.

The aims and objectives of PAC are:

  • To work hand in hand with parents and the community
  • To provide students with an adequate educational environment
  • Curate a safe, robust, modern school environment
  • Pay heed to individual student’s educational, moral, social, and social conduct needs
  • Offer the most advanced programs alongside proper staff professional development
  • Ensure sound implementation of programs
  • Coordinate with parents to develop specialized tasks aimed to improve the students’ experience at school

Parent’s Meeting

Held twice a year, the Parent’s Meeting is a formal meeting that gives parents an opportunity to meet with teachers.

The meeting is conducted on an individual basis, where issues are discussed, resolved and implemented. Teachers walk parents through their child’s achievements, potential and behavior. Likewise, parents are requested to put forward any inconvenience faced by them or their children.

Parents are requested to contact the school receptionist to book an appointment.

School Hours

The information contained in this document is intended to supplement that already found in the school brochure. Should the need arise for clarification on any matters contact the school on Tel. 03-7810044.

Our school week is Monday to Friday.  


Monday to Thursday


Gr. 1 to 12 – Own transport

7:30 AM to 2:45 PM

7:30 AM to 11:30 PM

Gr. 1 to 12 – School bus

7:30 AM  (bus arrival) to 2:30 PM (bus departure)

7:30 AM (bus arrival) to 11:15 PM (bus departure)

KGs – Own transport

7:35 AM  to 1:15 PM

7:35 AM to 11:30 PM

KGs – School bus

7:35 AM (bus arrival) to 1:10 PM (bus departure) except for Al Dhaher bus

7:35 AM (morning assembly) to 11:15 PM (bus departure)


Parents should collect their children on time at the end of the school day. Should you anticipate that for any reason you will be late in collecting your child, you are kindly requested to inform the school administration. Please refer to the school’s communication channels document.

NOTE: The School DOES NOT accept responsibility for children outside of the hours stipulated above. It is entirely the parents’ responsibility to make suitable arrangements to ensure the pickup of their children on time.

The School Year

You will find enclosed a copy of the School Calendar. Please refer to it for holidays and dates that you should note in your planners. Note that the school operates on three terms per year as indicated in the calendar.

School Transportation

For a certain fee, the school provides supervised transportation in air-conditioned buses. It is possible to book for one way transportation only, bearing in mind that the transport fees are fixed (i.e., the same) irrespective of whether the student uses the bus one way or two ways. Charges may be obtained from the school accountant.

3.1 All students are expected to behave well on board of school buses. Students who misbehave and are disobedient to the supervisor or driver will be excluded from using this service.

3.2 Once the bus routes and timings have been settled at the beginning of the academic year, students will be informed about the time when they should wait for the bus in the mornings. It is expected that those travelling by buses will be waiting for the bus to arrive in order to have the buses arrive at school before morning assembly. The buses will not wait for students who are late.

3.3 Students who are registered in the school bus service are expected to go home by bus at all times. These students may NOT use any other transport unless permission is granted by the Administration, based on parents’ written consent letter in this regard.

3.4 Students who are not registered in the bus service are not allowed to use the bus under any circumstances. Likewise, students who are registered in the bus service are NOT allowed to switch buses on any day.

3.5 As per the requirements of ADEK and the Department of Transport, we would like to inform you of the following:

  • There will be frequent inspections on board of school buses in order to make sure that the drivers are committed to ensuring that all students are seated properly at all times.
  • Drivers who do not comply with these requirements will be fined in accordance with Law no. 8 (Reckless driving) the amount of 1000Dhs, and the bus will be confined for a month. In the event of a traffic accident, the driver will be requested to appear in the traffic department’s courts. Regarding any bus supervisor who does not ensure the safety of students on board of her bus, a detailed report will be compiled on any specific incident, including her name, the bus number, the day, and the date of the incident. The report will be submitted to the concerned Authorities.
  • In case a student defied the bus rules and regulations, his/her parents will be required to pay the fine corresponding to the infraction.
Textbooks and Supplies

Recommended textbooks may be purchased from the school at the beginning of the academic year. You will be responsible for supplying your child with sufficient notebooks, files and stationery. You will be informed about the requirements at the beginning of the school year. In line with the international advances in technology, the school has introduced e-learning where Laptops and Tablets are used by students throughout the school. (Appendix 4)

4.1 A replacement cost plus postage will be applicable in the event of loss of books or damage to books. Should the loss of one book mean that a whole set have to be replaced, then a charge will be made for the whole set, plus postage.

4.2 All books which are school property and on loan from the school should be returned, at the latest, on the day of examination for which that book is required for studying.

Student Progress & Student Reports

5.1 Assessments and Examinations
Students will be assessed continually in each subject during the school term. One 30-minutes weekly assessments scheduled on Tuesdays. The continuous assessment and final examinations schedules are made available for parents in the beginning of each academic term. Marks for project work, attendance, attitude, class participation and regular class tests will be accumulated by each teacher, along with quiz marks.

5.2 Student Progress Reports are issued once each term and are a means of keeping parents and students informed as to progress throughout the term. Student Report Cards are available online for Terms 1 and 2 exams, and issued at the end of the academic year after approval by ADEK. (Appendix 5)

5.3 It is a policy of LISF to keep parents informed about changes in their children’s progress or behavior in the school. Should the need arise, you will be contacted by the school reception in order to arrange meetings with the social workers and Vice Principal who in turn will elaborate on the student’s academic progress.

5.4 Merit certificates and/or awards are conferred in accordance with the school criteria.

5.5 Absences During Continual Assessments or Final Examinations:

  • Should a student be absent during a continual assessment and have a valid medical excuse, then s(he) will be given a second chance to take the assessment.
  • Should a student be absent during a continual assessment without a valid medical excuse, then s(he) will be given zero for that particular assessment.
  • Should a student be absent during End-of Term Exams, then the regulations of the Abu Dhabi Education Council (pertaining to Private Education) will be applied.
Parent – Teachers Meetings

These will be held twice per year as indicated in the school calendar in order to give parents the opportunity to meet with teachers. Parents are welcome to contact the school reception to arrange mutually convenient appointments with social workers and staff at any time throughout the school year to discuss the student’s academic and behavioral levels.


You will be notified if your child falls ill during the school hours. It is therefore vital that you keep us informed of any changes to the data provided by you regarding emergency contact numbers (Appendix 6)

7.1 Any student attending the KG section, who is unwell due to coughing, cold, fever, etc., should not be sent to school for the duration of the illness.
Any student found to be suffering from an infectious disease will not be permitted in school until s(he) is fully recovered and checked by the school doctor.

7.2 Students from Grades 1 and upwards who have been absent, must provide an explanatory note or a doctor’s certificate on their return to school. This should be handed to the school secretary.

7.3 It is the responsibility of the parents to update their child’s health record as the need arises (Appendix 7). All students who require medication given by the school doctor/ nurse should have the related Doctor’s prescription handed over to school clinic. We regret that if there is no prescription, the nurse will not give the medication.


It is expected that all students will be clean and neat in appearance for school. Attention should be paid to wearing clean laundered clothes. Nails should be clean and short, and hair for boys should be short and neat. Girls, for reasons of hygiene, should keep their hair tied back while in school.

    1. Students must be in complete school uniform as of the first day of the school and till the end of the school year. PE uniform is allowed on the days the students have PE classes ONLY.
    2. The following is strictly prohibited on school campus:
      • Odd hair color (girls) + long hair (boys).
      • Sandals or slippers (open-toe shoes).
      • All kinds of jewelry and make-up.

P.S: Any defiance will result in conduct marks being deducted.


It is a school policy that teachers and staff are not permitted to accept gifts. We therefore request that you avoid putting staff in an embarrassing position of having to return gifts.


All homework assignments are entered in the Homework Diaries and are posted on the school’s website. Subject teachers check that entries are correct and explicit, and sign each entry. In special circumstances, translations may be made into Arabic for ease of communication with non-English speaking parents. It is the parents’ responsibility to check their children’s diaries / the school’s website.

10.1 It is a school policy that homework to beset appropriately for all classes. Homework serves the purpose of providing opportunities for teachers to check on and reinforce class work, and to develop students’ independent study skills.

10.2 Appropriate measures are taken to deal with students who do not complete homework. As part of their education, students have to be made aware of the value that the school assigns to homework. Any problem cases are drawn to the attention of the social worker.


Please refer to our Uniform Policy here: 

Uniform Policy

The wearing of school uniform is compulsory. Uniform is provided by the school and available for purchasing at the start of the academic year. For the cost of uniforms contact the accountant.

School Uniform Description:

School Uniform Description:

  • KG1 – Grade 5: Purple T-Shirt (long / short sleeves) + Grey Jacket and Grey Pants / Skirt
  • Grades  6 – 8: White T-Shirt (long / short sleeves) + Grey Jacket and Grey Pants / Skirt 
  • Grades  9 – 12: White T-Shirt (long / short sleeves) + black Jacket  and black Pants / Skirt 
  • P.E. Uniform: Full Set (3 pieces) for each student
  • School House Uniform: Colored T- shirt and black pants / skirt. The color for each house is as follows:

Hili – Green T-shirt, Hafeet – Yellow T-shirt, Maqam – Purple T-shirt, Oasis – Blue T-shirt

Mobile Phones

Mobile phones are strictly forbidden in school regardless of circumstances based on Ministry Memo No. (40 year 2007) that prohibits students from using mobile phones on school campus as per Ministry decree number (2/454) for 1998. Any student caught with a mobile will receive a reprimand and the mobile will be confiscated until the end of the academic year.

Fees / Examinations

Tuition Fees

The school is committed to get ADEK’s approval concerning the School fees before they can be announced to Parents/Guardians and collected. Since the school does not charge the Parents/Guardians in excess of the School fees approved by the Council before the start of the School academic year.

Tuition Fees Payment

Fees and dues should be paid in full on the dates specified below. In case of non-payment, the student will not be re-registered in the school next year. Also, transfer certificates will not be granted unless all dues are paid. Tuition fees are paid in three equal installments as follows:

• The First installment 33% of the tuition fees in addition to textbooks, school uniforms will be paid in the month August until September. .

• The Second installment 33% of the tuition fees will be paid during December. .

• The Third installment 29% of the tuition fees (34% – 5% registration fees) will be paid during February.

Co & Extra Curricular Activities ( including field trips )

You will be notified of the activities available to students at the beginning of each term and/or prior to each activity/function (Appendix 9).

School Facilities Rules

School Facilities Rules (Arabic)

School Facilities Rules (English)

LISF will provide its pupils with state-of-art facilities. The use of these facilities shall be granted to the extent that there is no interference with the educational programs. The complete control of school buildings and equipment is vested in the School Administration.  

Please click on the links above to view the complete Rules for School Facilities.