Support facilities:

Exceptional infrastructure, fixtures and facilities, backed by quality of learning makes Liwa International School Falaj Hazza a front-runner in world-class education.

The establishment includes a Physical education hall, laboratories, multi-purpose halls, learning hub, theater, swimming pools, spacious canteens amongst a well-equipped primary school building and senior school building. 

  • IT Laboratory


    Technology plays a major role in twenty-first century education. The new model of integrating technology into the curriculum means that computers are on demand throughout the school day.

  • Science Laboratory


    Advanced laboratories (five computer labs and six science labs).

  • Learning Hub


    The Learning Hub is a center for dynamic learning which promotes innovative approaches to inquiry based teaching and learning for all students.

  • Library


    The Liwa International School library is a powerful instrument in our curriculum. It aims to:

    • Become the sole information center of the school
    • Provide resources and learning activities that represent a diversity of experiences, opinions and social, and cultural perspectives
  • Art Room


    Four art rooms equipped with modern facilities are being used for regular Art classes throughout the academic year. The Art projects designed whether for the annual Art and Culture Evenings or for national and international art contests are also completed in the school’s art rooms.

  • Gym


    Four gymnasiums equipped with modern facilities are being used for regular PE classes throughout the year, in addition to after-school sports activities as well as internal and inter-schools tournaments.

  • Sport Field


    Spacious playgrounds are available for students during recess time as well as after-school. They are designed for various types of sports.

  • Music Room


    Two music rooms are available for regular music lessons. They are also used for practice in preparation for concerts and seasonal events.

  • Swimming Pool


    A modern swimming pool has been built for use during regular swimming lessons, after-school activities, and swimming competitions.

  • Cafeteria


    Four well-equipped cafeterias are available for students during recess time and as required. The purpose is to promote Healthy eating habits and give the students the opportunity to socialize while eating their lunch.

  • Prayer Room


    Three mosques are available for the students (Kindergarten, Boys section, and Girls section). They are open for prayer and for Islamic Religion lessons as required.