What to expect

In middle school, grades 5 through 8, we expect your student to continue learning in a fun, engaging environment where collaboration and problem-solving are a part of each lesson. Assessment is used to meet better the needs of each learner based on learning styles, cognitive strengths and areas for development. At the high school, grades 9 through 12, expect robust learning that is personalized so that learners are college and career ready when they leave LISF. Students are offered courses where 21st-century skills are embedded in their learning. By offering Pre-AP, AP and Honors course, we prepare students for university and the workplace.

We aim to develop well-rounded students equipped with the content knowledge and 21st-century skills to succeed in their post-school journeys. Lessons are delivered by subject specialists who are guided and assisted by our school middle and senior leadership teams and Liwa Education Academic Leads. Our Liwa Education curriculum is aligned with the California Common Core Standards. It includes the core and subject competencies of Math, Science, English, Social Studies, IT, Art, and PE. High School students can take Elective courses, such as Computer Science, Media, Art, Health and Wellness, and Business. MoE subjects which are Arabic, Islamic Studies, and Arabic Civics follow the MOE guidelines and standards. Our curriculum explores opportunities to develop and solidify our students’ understanding of the Emirati national identity, Liwa Education Core and subject Competencies, and innovative skills and practice.

Individual learning is supported by meeting the needs of all students, providing comprehensive feedback for students to act on, and the delivery of best teaching practices.

A weekly PACE session supports students’ personal development with topics covering Study Skills, Emotional Intelligence, Universities, Healthy & Safe Lifestyles, Careers, Innovation/Leadership and the Environment.

The school has a specialized & highly committed team that supports students with numerous award-winning projects in innovative and community-based competitions and initiatives. Our advisory program provides a constructive opportunity for students’ academic progress follow-up, guidance, and career counseling. It provides a context that nurtures our students’ sense of responsibility and compassion.

“Through the application of Edtech, we aim to make the access to learning anytime and anywhere possible.”

At LISF, we recognize that in today’s interconnected and technology-centric world, the learning environment can be virtual, online, remote as well as the physical place of learning such as a classroom or library. Through the application of Edtech, we aim to make the access to learning anytime and anywhere possible.
Developing students’ critical thinking and social engagement with Edtech is an essential ingredient to modern pedagogy.
The Liwa Education E-Learning portal is designed to support parents, students, and teachers to make effective use of the online learning opportunities within our schools to support achievement and engagement across all our subject areas.
We encourage you to take the time to understand more about the products and applications on offer and how they can be used to support anytime, anywhere learning and engagement.

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International Assessments

MAP® Growth™

MAP® Growth™ measures what students know and informs what they’re ready to learn next. By dynamically adjusting to each student’s responses, MAP Growth creates a personalized assessment experience that accurately measures performance. Timely, easy-to-use reports help teachers teach, students learn, and administrators lead.

Cognitive Abilities Test (CAT4) is a diagnostic assessment designed to help students and their teachers understand how they learn and what their academic potential might be. It assesses how students think in areas known to make a difference in learning. CAT4 is available at seven different levels of difficulty. Schools use a child’s performance in a CAT4 to judge progress over the academic year and to make decisions regarding setting and streaming according to ability. It is a way for a school to understand a student’s strengths and weaknesses and to personalize learning and adapt teaching.

Beyond the classrooms

Beyond the classrooms, students have opportunities to participate in intramural sports teams, and school and district competitions across all areas, such as reading, writing, speaking, math, science, and art. A wide variety of scholarship opportunities are shared with students, with Career and College Counseling taking place regularly. Students have opportunities to serve in leadership roles within and outside of LISF, serving on the Student Council, planning school and cultural events, and representing the school in regional events.

Our values


We respect each other’s values, differences and contributions while embracing and preserving our local values and traditions.


We act with integrity and honesty with a strong sense of fairness, respect, and dignity.


We encourage curiosity and new ideas, and constantly strive to exceed expectations.


We pursue our learning with energy, determination and the commitment to succeed.


We strive to exceed expectations and challenge the norm.

Wellbeing and pastoral care

Our pastoral care program caters to students’ personal, social and academic needs. We have qualified social workers, SEN coordinators, section supervisors, and a dean of students, along with our staff to ensure the well-being of students through positive incentives for learning behaviors, and one-to-one counseling for students in need of additional support. Academic interventions are provided for students in order to personalize learning and fill any gaps students may have after the pandemic. We offer the PACE program that focuses on pastoral care to include embedded learning and wellness topics/skills. Because we are a UNESCO school, our PACE themes align with global UNESCO themes.

Activities and clubs

Co-curricular and extra-curricular activities are an integral part of the total education program. Only through a wide range of extra-curricular activities are our students given a real love of learning and self-development. Clubs and activities are offered to learners after school with several events honoring national identity and culture taking place during school hours. LISF makes a genuine effort to offer clubs that appeal to all learners. Students also have opportunities to participate in field trips, virtual activities, and regional competitions in our wider community.

Our teachers

Our teachers are from across the globe, bringing cultural diversity to our school. Recently many teachers have participated in Advanced Placement and Pre-Advanced-Placement professional development through CollegeBoard in the United States so that we are able to offer an Advanced Track to our learners. Teachers at LISF participate in regular training to stay abreast of international teaching standards and expectations.

Careers and higher education

Our University and Career Counseling Program provides extensive support to students from middle to high school about transitional stages, well-being, study skills, exploring learning preferences and career readiness, and informing students on international exam requirements. Students create a portfolio starting in grade 9 to better prepare them for graduation, and regular EMSAT practice tests are administered to better prepare students for college entry. A weekly session focuses on specific support for seniors. Annually we host a College and Career Fair with our wider community and regularly invite guest speakers from local universities to discuss their specialties and program entry requirements.

Leavers destinations

Most of our students choose to study in local universities and colleges. However, a minority of students study abroad after graduating LISF. Each year, we recognize honor students who are able to attend universities abroad through academic scholarship programs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Students participate in multiple assessments including MAP, CAT4, and baseline assessments in core subject areas. Assessment data is used to determine the student’s strengths and next steps for progress as well as learning preferences so that teachers can set individual targets for students. Assessment data is further used to determine what support is needed to help students make those targets. Throughout the year, assessments are used to set specific growth targets and next steps for students.

By middle and high school, we want students to be independent in their learning. Provide a quiet place for them to study and have them set a timer for homework time. Ensure that your child is reading for 20 to 30 minutes each night. And when academic issues arrive, reach out to your child’s teacher.

Please contact your child’s teacher first so that she can address your concerns whether they be academic or behavioral concerns. You and your child’s teacher are a team working together towards the progress of your child.

Marks are a reflection of attainment and progress at LISF. Expect marks and feedback to reflect the attainment level and the progress towards their targeted goals in each of their subjects.

Each year teachers look closely at rosters to determine the best placements for learners based on their learning needs. We encourage students to make new friends each year and for parents to support us in teaching students that change is a process that helps each of us grow as individuals.

We want parents to be an integral part of the team as students choose their high school track. Teachers will advise parents on pre-requisite skills that will help the student be successful in our Advanced Track and suggest further supports a student may need if he/she does not meet the prerequisite requirements.

LISF offers a wide range of AP subjects such as AP English language, AP Calculus, AP Biology, AP Chemistry, AP Physics C Mechanics, and AP Physics C Electricity and Magnetism. We are continually reviewing and will continue to offer a broader range of subjects.

EMSAT is a high priority for LISF. EMSAT practice occurs in every lesson, weekly after school, EMSAT support classes, and students receive EMSAT support packs.

The LISF Diploma enables you to access any university nationally and globally.

LISF offers many extracurricular activities to suit the needs of all students such as; basketball, football, Arabic reading, drama, and Quran classes. We aim to develop our students with a holistic view.

The LISF team is here to support you. Emotional, academic, and career support is available every day. Additional EMSAT and AP support classes are provided weekly.

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Our admissions philosophy is by nature inclusive but contained by boundaries set by the student’s ability to access the curriculum in English and the school’s ability to support students with learning difficulties or special educational needs.

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