Chris Albertus Campher

Vice Principal (G1-G4)

Mr. Campher has been involved in education for 15 years. He holds a Humanities degree from the University of Johannesburg and Post Graduate Certificate in Education from the Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University.

Mr. Campher has international upper elementary experience from South Africa, South Korea and Taiwan. He furthered his career in Abu Dhabi where he subsequently became Head of Faculty while working for the local Abu Dhabi education authority.

Mr. Campher believes in the importance of respectful collaboration between the school, parents and teachers to ensure each learner reaches not only their academic, but also their overall potential in light of ever-changing international trends.

Mr. Campher is a hands-on administrator and states that the best part of his job is visiting the classroom and engaging with the students. He is looking forward to continuing his career as Liwa International School.