Khayal Ali Jaafar

Acting Vice Principal (High School)

Dr. Khayal Al Allaq has been a member of the Liwa family for nearly 15 years. Khayal joined Liwa International School in 2004 and has held various posts ranging from a coordinator, Co-head, Head of English Department, and Head of Humanities.

Apart from teaching the international American Curriculum, Dr. Khayal was an instructor of English as a Second Language for the IGCSE program. In addition, she has taught International Exam preparation courses for the SAT, TOEFL i-BT and IELTS exams for the past twelve years.

Before joining LIS, Dr. Khayal graduated with honors from the United Arab Emirates University from which she received her Bachelor’s degree in English Language and Literature. During the course of her work in Liwa, Dr. Khayal earned her first Master’s Degree in TESOL and then her second one was in Curriculum and Instruction. Her Master’s research focal point was cooperative learning since she is a keen supporter and implementer of cooperative learning in general and Kagan Structures in particular.

She has also completed her PhD in Management Leadership and Policy in the British University in Dubai. Her pursuit of education has been nurtured and inspired by her experience as a teacher and a leader in Liwa International School as she regards education and experience as two harmoniously complementary processes.

Dr. Khayal perceives self-improvement, collaboration, and creativity as substantial factors for a successful educational context. Thus, she believes that the responsive partnership with the stakeholders is crucial for enriching and refining the educational process in Liwa International School. Apart from being an educator, Dr. Khayal Al Allaq is also a passionate poet and an avid researcher. Her recent publication was Mystical Twilight from Rainbowdash Publishers.