Michael Guirguis

Head of Department – Science

“Intelligence plus character – that is the goal of true education”. – Martin Luther King.

Mr. Michael Guirguis – Head of Science Department al Liwa International School – Falaj Hazza, is a passionate educator first, and a subject teacher second. He facilitates students’ learning and makes sure that they grasp knowledge in a productive and innovative learning environment.

The ongoing evolution through which education goes through inspires Mr. Michael because he aspires to prepare his students fully for a brighter future ahead, full of opportunities of which they can take a firm hold. With the background knowledge he has, and which he always seeks to expand, and his years of rich and fruitful experience, Mr. Michael is always on a quest to equip his students with the skills they need to acquire in order to conquer any challenges.

He motivates his students to be the decision makers, at times, and the partners in decision making, at other times. He also gives them confidence to think critically in order to solve problems innovatively and independently. Most importantly, he prepares them to be leaders of the future by motivating them to reflect.