Sandra Tichagwa

Vice Principal Middle School / E-Learning

“It’s human nature to stretch, to go, to see, to understand. Exploration is not a choice really, it’s an imperative.” Michael Collins, Apollo 11


There is nothing better than to facilitate this exploration, equipping young minds to ‘stretch’ to ‘go’ to ‘see’.

As an educator, Ms. Sandra Tichagwa feels honored if she can help one student on this journey of discovery and privileged if she can inspire more than one.

Ms. Sandra is the Vice Principal for e-Learning at Liwa International School. She is a Computer Science graduate (Roehampton University, UK) with some years spent working in industry project managing database development. She then obtained her PGCE in Secondary IT from the University of Greenwich and later a Postgraduate Diploma in Computing in Education.

In line with the 21st century’s learning environment and the country’s vision 2030, Ms. Sandra is paving the way for Liwa International School to become one of the Google reference schools in the region; an ambitious undertaking that she believes will not only see LIS support its staff to become certified Google teachers, but will also ensure that LIS students and the entire school community benefit from this.

Ms. Sandra has a passion for technology and innovation, the potential this has to be a force for good. She sees herself as being on the same journey with her staff and students discovering how different technology can be used not only in the life around us but also to transform how we learn. A strong believer in the fact that our classrooms are a window to the future with boundless possibilities, Ms. Sandra feels privileged to work with a team willing to embrace this potential and equip our students for the future.