Inside each of our Students is a leader.



Create an extraordinary educational experience, underpinned by national values and recognized as a leading school in Abu Dhabi.


We provide our learners’ access to a high quality, inclusive learning environment, which is aligned to international standards of achievement, grounded in local values, and supported by strong partnerships with parents and the community.


Our Slogan

“International standards, Inspired by National values.”

Our Core Values

  • Respect:- We respect each other’s values, differences and contributions while embracing and preserving our local values and traditions.

  • Integrity:- We act with integrity and honesty with a strong sense of fairness, respect, and dignity.

  • Innovation:- We encourage curiosity and new ideas, and constantly strive to exceed expectations.

  • Commitment:- We pursue our learning with energy, determination and the commitment to succeed.

  • Excellence:- We strive to exceed expectations and challenge the norm.