Inside each of our Students is a leader.


To provide an outstanding international education that inspires students to be self-disciplined, internationally-minded, and independent life-long learners who are innovative leaders and critical thinkers. This is done within a supportive, safe, sustainable and advanced technological learning-focused environment.


Through partnership with parents, teachers, and the community, the school is committed to educating students to high academic, international standards by applying a learning centered approach, which prepares self-confident and socially responsible young adults for an evolving and changing world.


Our Slogan

“Together for a Better Future for Our Children”

Our Core Values

These form the foundations on which we perform our work. These are the values we hold on to and extend to our students each and every day and in every possible way:


Respect, Tolerance, Integrity, Achievement, Fairness, Transparency, Care, and Team Work.